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September 17 

OperOttawa Concert Gala

First Baptist Church, 140 Laurier Ave, Ottawa

October 14

Toronto Kids Fashion Week Performance

Chateau Laurier, Ottawa

November 4

Mozart's Requiem with Maestro Michel Brousseau and SPNM

Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal

November 19

Recital Sundays @ 4 with Andrew Ager and New Opera Lyra

Rideau Park United Church, Ottawa

November 26

Mozart's The Magic Flute with OperOttawa

First Baptist Church, 140 Laurier Ave, Ottawa

December Tour Gigspace Livestream Performances

Accompanied by Judith Ginsburg


Plus Ottawa Senator and Ottawa 67’s national anthem, and more!


Alexandra Forever: Galactic Marshal


A red dwarf star system punches through the fabric of space-time and barrels toward colonized space. The dire situation takes an unforeseen twist when an SOS transmission from a long-lost experimental starship, The Invictus, is traced to the system's sole planet.

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